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Explained: What is 5G Advanced and how it may be used

Explained: What is 5G Advanced and how it may be used

Arghanshu Bose / TIMESOFINDIA.COM / Updated: Apr 13, 2022, 08:50AM IST
Explained What is 5G Advanced and how it may be used
5G is believed to be the next-generational connectivity source that will help in the evolution of Extended Reality(XR). It is a combination of representative terms like -- Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). 5G promises to make online gaming more accessible and give a huge boost to IoT. This means 5G connectivity will give data speeds a whole new dimension that will offer consumers more products and features.

While some countries are working toward setting up their telecom gear, this network has already been established in most parts of the world. As India advances toward setting up the new network, the global industry has already moved towards 5G Advanced, which promises to make regular 5G connections more efficient and intelligent.

5G Advanced is claimed to become the bedrock upon which the groundwork for the development of the 6G network will be laid. So, here we will discuss what is 5G Advanced, how will it upgrade the present 5G network and what new features will be available.

What is 5G Advanced?
The telecom industry considers 5G Advanced an upgrade on the existing 5G network. According to the industry, the next-gen 5G variant will improve network coverage significantly and will provide users consistently with faster internet speeds. Not only will 5G Advance improve the connectivity offered by the existing 5G network, but it also claims to exceed the capabilities supported by the present network. It will offer a better experience for the end-users. 5G Advanced is expected to release in 2024, however, it might reach commercial users a bit later.

5G Advanced expected features

Immersive XR experience for commercial use
According to the predictions made by P&S Intelligence, there will be over 1 billion XR users by 2030 and experts assume that improved consumer XR can be used to reduce carbon emissions. As the XR rigs shrink to a size that fits into a pocket, these smaller, more efficient devices will enable XR use cases everywhere there is a 5G-Advanced connection.

For instance, if a mechanic needs to fix a machine that is a thousand kilometres away, they can repair it just as if they were physically present. 5G Advanced will have capabilities to improve VR cloud-gaming experiences where operators will also be able to support a larger number of XR users in their networks.

5G Advanced can enable new tech sports like drone racing to take advantage of the network. Experts predict this upcoming network will offer 20 per cent higher data rates for uplink as compared to 5G

Autonomous vehicles getting more common
5G Advanced is expected to be crucial for the development of autonomous vehicles. It will help in developing fully autonomous self-driving cars and industries to adopt technologies for more efficient operations, as automation seems to be the future. The upcoming network is expected to improve these vehicles with advanced navigation systems that will help them to have a successful future. The network is designed to ensure reliable communications between the autonomous vehicles, robots, drones or drone-mounted devices with its base stations, without inferring with other users.

Smoother operations for everyday devices
The connection we use these days has evolved a lot, however, there are still some corners in some houses and offices that don’t receive network connectivity. This gap can be bridged by 5G advanced to provide a permanent solution for hassle-free daily operations. To help the farmers manage their agricultural resources and activities efficiently, the upcoming network can also help users to set up smart grids for power outlets. The interlinking of various devices will bring down the connectivity cost without affecting the performance.


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