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9 important tips to get better cooling from your ACs

Gadgets Now Bureau11 Apr, 2022, 10:33AM IST

9 important tips to get better cooling from your ACs
It’s summer time. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a heat wave and Orange alert for several parts of the country. With temperature rising, air conditioners (ACs) provide relief. However, for ACs to work properly, some simple tips need to be kept in mind. Here are 9 important and simple tips to get better cooling from your AC.


​Make sure that the AC is running in ‘Cool mode’

Modern ACs come with multiple cooling modes -- Cool, Dry, Hot, Fan and more. For better cooling, make sure that the AC is set on ‘Cool mode’.


​Blocked filters can affect the cooling efficiency

Make sure that the AC filters are clean. It is recommended to clean the filters every two weeks to ensure better airflow and cooling. Make sure that there is no dust or debris in filter vents to help maintain steady airflow.‘


​There should be no escape for air from the room

It is advisable to keep the room closed properly to keep the cold air trapped in the room. Ensure that the doors and windows are closed properly. Also, avoid opening and closing them repeatedly.


​Direct sunlight affects AC cooling

If your room is directly exposed to sunlight, then it can be a little difficult for the AC to cool the room. For better results, make sure to drape the curtains on the windows to avoid direct sunlight from entering the room.


​Room size matters, and so does the AC capacity

Another common reason behind the low cooling can be your AC capacity. If the room size is bigger than the AC capacity, cooling will be less effective. Here’s a recommended AC capacity based on the room size: 100 Sq Ft = 1-ton; 150 Sq Ft = 1.5-ton and 200 Sq Ft: 2-ton.


​Cooling also gets affected by the number of people in the room

Cooling efficiency of the AC depends upon the size of the room and the area it is trying to cool. However, there’s another factor that affects the cooling efficiency and that’s the number of people in the room. Simply put, more people = slow cooling


​Keep the outdoor unit away from direct sunlight

This one is for split ACs. In peak summer, direct sunlight falling on the outdoor unit can affect the cooling as well. So, make sure that the outdoor unit is placed in a shaded area.


​Try not to block the airflow of outdoor unit

Always keep the airflow or the area around the outdoor unit clear so that it can have a proper airflow. It is advisable not to keep any large object near the outdoor unit that may obstruct the airflow.


​Regular service is important for effective cooling

For better cooling, it is important that the AC is timely serviced. This will ensure that the AC is in the best condition possible and gives proper cooling.