Gear.Club Stradale is now available on Apple Arcade: All details

Apr 8, 2022

By: Gadgets Now Bureau

​Gear.Club Stradale: Launch date

The game has launched today, April 8, 2022.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​It’s the games that Apple teased at Peek Performance event

Apple teased the game at its Peek Performance event within the teaser video of iPhone SE.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​Social racing meets multiplayer gaming

According to the listing, it’s a social racing game. It also offers online multiplayer mode where up to 5 players can play together and participate in a race.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​Luxury cars is the key highlight

While there's a lot of things to like about the game, inclusion of luxury cars is a major highlight. The game allows players to take them for a spin and race with them.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​Gear.Club Stradale is based in Italy

The game features the region of Italy: Tuscany.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​Customisation beyond cosmetics

It’s a racing game and as expected it allows players to customise their cars as per their taste. But, the game offers much more than that. Players can actually take their cars to workshops and work on them to boost the performance.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​Players can create their own club

The game is not only about racing. It is a social game and lets players create their own club in the cradle of a supercar.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​Exclusive content

Like every game, Gear. Club Stradale will feature daily, weekly and monthly content, challenges and more.

Source: Apple-Arcade

​Features 3D graphics

The game will feature high quality 3D graphics.

Source: Apple-Arcade

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