10 things to know about Google Play’s April Spotlight game

Apr 6, 2022

By: Gadgets Now Bureau

​The Impossible Game 2: April Spotlight game

Google Play has listed The Impossible Game 2 as the April Spotlight game.

Source: Play-Store

​It’s a musical game

The Impossible Game 2 is a rhythm platform game.

Source: Play-Store

​The game offers multiple game modes

In addition to regular game mode, it also offers online battle royale mode with up to six players.

Source: Play-Store

​Multiple levels to choose from

The game has recently received an update that brings new levels featuring new music, gameplay mechanics, guns and portals.

Source: Play-Store

​Level editor

The game also offers the option to edit a particular level as per their choice.

Source: Play-Store

​Boss fights

The game also includes boss fights where players can prepare themselves to take on bosses in each level.

Source: Play-Store

​It’s a completely free-to-play game

The Impossible Game 2 is a complete freeware. There’s no-ad included in the game.

Source: Play-Store

​Comes with in-app store

Like other tiles, the game also comes with an in-game store where players can purchase in-game items.

Source: Play-Store

​Achievement Pass

The Impossible Game 2 also has a paid pass that allows users to unlock cosmetic features, level editor items, bonus level and more.

Source: Play-Store

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